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Where it all goes down

I bought four men’s magazines the other day for research and I realize that I like the writing that goes into men’s lifestyle magazines more than that which go into women’s. The market behind men’s mags is completely different than that of women’s, and it’s interesting to see this reflected into the content that goes into the issues. Men, as I’ve been told, don’t like reading anything that has the word “Vogue” in it — the word Vogue is associated too much with frills and fashion and American men don’t want to be caught reading anything that has that sort of connotation in it. (Thus, Men’s Vogue = tanking.)

My personal take on women’s fashion writing is that it can be a bit on the safe side. There’s not a lot of honest critique on the loads of shitty fashion that’s put out on runways. The good thing about men’s fashion mags is that they barely talk about runway stuff in the same way — they barely talk about runway to begin with, so at least I don’t have to read any.

Men’s celebrity profiles also have a very different feel to them. They’re a lot more straight-forward. There’s cursing. Lots of everyday, I’m-your-man-I’m-your-friend kinda talk. Of the four cover boys for this month, my favorite profile was on Pharrell, so here’s an excerpt,

“It was a natural progression,” Williams says of deciding to pursue music professionally. “And even then, I never looked for it in the future, like ‘Yo, imma gonna make a life outta this.’ I think that’s what helped me. As an Aries, we’re, like, dreamers, you know? And I chose not to dream so much as I dealt with the actuality. So it made me kind of focus on what was real and what was possible. From one lily pad to the next, it made sense. I never drowned because I kept my focus on reality and what possible steps were really there. And as an Aries, we dream big and we dream hard. And when it doesn’t work out, we’re easily…we feel very defeated. So I never did that…

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Boys Before Flowers, episode 22

Woobin rocks his suit proper. Rejoice for Woobin screentime!

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Why SM deserves a motherfreaking kudos


Yes, SM Entertainment is responsible for bringing things like Super Junior and “sexy” into the same sentence, making So Nyeo Shi Dae use lollipops as actual props, and allowing Dong Bang Shin Ki’s “Tri-Angle” even see the light of day — but SM has also got the industry down pat, and much moreso than any of three major entertainment labels in Kpop.

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Boys Before Flowers, episode 21

To make up for Woobin’s lack of presence in…everything.

I’ve come to a conclusion about two things:

1. Jun Hee and Jae Kyung are the two most reliable, consistent and well-written characters in the series thus far, and they’re both played really well by two good actresses to boot.

2. F4 are first year university students. Jandi is a JUNIOR in HIGH SCHOOL. When I was a junior, I worried about whether or not that boy in my AP Biology class was using my pen to poke at the insides of a dead frog.

This drama makes sense, only, not at all. It’s too heavy and while I can suspend a certain amount of disbelief since this was based on a manga, I can only hold it for so long.

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I love it when my culture is appropriated like that

I’m laughing, but I’m really crying on the inside.

By Josh Olin, Spring issue of V Man