Late Spring

Late Spring is a movie made in 1949 by Ozu Yasujiro, depicting the relationship between a widowed father and her daughter. From the Criterion Collection overview,

Late Spring focuses on the dilemma faced by a young woman who lives with her widowed father. She refuses several marriage offers, preferring to keep her father company rather than assume the duties of a housewife and mother. Determined that she will wed, he lets her think that he plans to remarry.

I vowed to dislike this movie, but after watching and rewatching a thousand scenes for an assignment, I’ve learned to love the film’s aesthetics. I just want to pet Ozu and his adorable OCD-tendencies, as illustrated by the freakishly symmetrical shots in so many of the movie’s scenes.

  • Melissa

    I’m not sure how you pick the scenes to cap but I always end up really wanting to watch it. Have you seen All About Lily-Chou Chou? There’s about 15-20 minutes of the movie where its just hard to watch for the exact OPPOSITE reason. I had a headache with all the camera shaking but in the end, it was great. Noboru Shinoda, the cinematographer, does some really nice work (“Hana and Alice” omg.)