Boys Before Flowers, episode 16

This episode got me SO annoyed. Tuesday episodes aren’t supposed to be like this!

I wish they would stop putting Jandi in these mindlessly unrealistic situations where she acts like an absolute LOON with no brain cells at all whatsoever. Biggest rant I’ve ever done for any episode of anything ever. I haven’t been so ticked off by an episode of Kdrama since watching Kim Sam Soon.

The episode wasn’t bad per se, but like my reaction to episode 6, a bunch of little inconsistencies added up to a lot of annoyances. And, sorry for the delay — when you don’t like an episode, its recap takes about a thousand and sixty five years to put together. It’s hard out here for a pimp recapper. (Whut up, 6500 word recap.)

Recap of episode 16

We continue where we last left off. Jun Pyo explains to Ji Hoo that the only reason he came over is because his house is the closest. Yi Jung would bring up the fight in Macau, and the girls at Woobin’s are too loud. Ji Hoo asks with a hint of a smile, “So what about when you hit me? What are you gonna do about that?” Jun Pyo answers with child-like concession, “Fine! Hit. I’ll let you hit me once. Hurry up and hit me!”

Ji Hoo laughs it off and asks Jun Pyo what’s really going on with the engagement announcement. Jun Pyo admits that he doesn’t know himself; you can never tell what the witch has up her sleeve. Then, Jun Pyo asks cautiously, “Did…everyone get home okay?” Ji Hoo gets to the point, “If you’re asking about Jandi, then yeah, she’s okay.” Jun Pyo feigns ig’nance and tells him that no, he was not curious, thank you very much. And, it’s his birthday and Ji Hoo’s a friend, where’s his present?!

Ji Hoo plays along with his childishness and hands him a present before taking his leave. Jun Pyo takes out a stuffed cat from the bag — which, btw, has curly Q’s on its head, just like Jun Pyo — and then takes out a card. Jandi wishes him,

Gu Jun Pyo, Happy Birthday. On this birthday, I hope you’re not lonely and you have nothing but happiness. — Geum Jandi.”

Jun Pyo looks at the doll fondly and smiles.

Ji Hoo is cooking himself a pancake (yes, singular) when he thinks back to his conversation with Jandi on the car. He let Jandi believe that he only told Jun Pyo off in Macau because he was angry at him. Ji Hoo realizes he’s poured too much syrup on his pancake before he sits down and listlessly eats it. (Hyunjoong’s getting better at this, I say.)

Jandi’s on campus at school when she hears a woman call out to her. When she turns around, she sees that it’s Jae Kyung. Jae Kyung cheerfully greets her, saying that she is the girl from Macau. Jandi is surprised, but says hello back to her. Jae Kyung is a teensy bit disappointed — she tells Jandi that she saved her in Macau but she doesn’t look so happy to see her. Jandi smiles,

Jandi: It’s nice to see you. But…what are you doing here?
Jae Kyung: I’m looking for someone.
Jandi: Gu..Jun Pyo?
Jae Kyung: Oh! How do you know? Do you know that guy?
(Jandi smiles.)
Jae Kyung: Ah, that’s right. Your name is…
Jandi: Jandi. Geum Jandi.
Jae Kyung: Ah, Geum Jandi. Do you remember my name?
Jandi: Ha. Jae. Kyung.
Jae Kyung: From the looks of your uniform, you look like you’re still in high school. What are you? Second year? Third year?
Jandi: I’m a third year.
Jae Kyung: That’s good, I’m going to be coming to Shinhwa for college. Oh, we have an unnie/dongsaeng relationship, don’t we? You’re so cute! The first time I saw you, I thought you were cute like a little mouse, Jandi dongsaeng.

Just as Jae Kyung wonders where Jun Pyo is, F4 show up. Jun Pyo expresses surprise upon seeing Jae Kyung and wants to know what she’s doing at Shinhwa. Jae Kyung spots him and goes over to grab him in a headlock and everyone’s surprised at how forward she is. Jun Pyo is all flabberghasted and asking her what the hell she’s doing, but Jae Kyung just goes on to say that she’s his fiance, lest he forgot. Besides, does he want her to bite him again? At this, Jun Pyo flusters. He tells her to disappear from his sight but Jae Kyung puts her foot down on the matter. She reminds him one more time that her name is Ha Jae Kyung and that she’s his fiance. “From now on, you will be taught by me.”

Jandi, in the meantime, watches the little exchange sadly and Woobin sees her doing so. He goes over to her and tells her that from now on, Jun Pyo’s going to be attending Shinhwa University with them.

At the porridge shop, Ga-eul tries to make sure Jandi’s alright about the whole thing, being slightly defensive with “the fiance,” but Jandi reassures her that Jae Kyung looks like a cool person. No, scratch that, she actually is a cool person.

At this, Jae Kyung’s voice appears and asks, “Who? Who’s a cool person?” Jandi is taken aback by Jae Kyung’s sudden presence. She introduces herself to Ga-eul as Jandi’s friend and proposes that she “borrows” Jandi and Ga-eul for the day, telling her bodyguard to make sure nobody follows them.

The girls get their nails did at the salon. Jae Kyung expresses that she’s always wanted to do this with girlfriends — get their nails done while gossiping about their boyfriends. Ga-eul asks curiously if Jae Kyung had friends. Jae Kyung answers cheerfully that nope, she doesn’t, and explains to them when they’re eating that she’s lived all over the world, and hasn’t had time to make any. Then she shifts topics and asks Jandi what kind of style Jun Pyo likes. Jandi, aside from the fact that her mouth was full of food, looks like she has trouble processing and answering the question.

And then they go shopping. Jandi and Ga-eul gawk at the pretty things and then Jae Kyung comes out with two outfits, asking Jandi whether Jun Pyo would prefer the girlish look or tomboy look. Jandi tells her that it doesn’t really matter because Jun Pyo is so concerned with his own looks that he won’t even notice what the other person is wearing. Jae Kyung is intrigued and wants Jandi to tell her more.

If you say that he’s second place, there can be nobody in front of him. He’s very self-confident, but actually, he’s very ignorant. And…if he likes something, he won’t care what anybody says, he’ll pursue it to the end. He is especially scary when he gets angry. When he’s being good to you, he’s especially warm. Well, in short, he’s a naive devil child!”

Jae Kyung points out that she seems to know Jun Pyo really well, so she has a request. She can become her love guide! At this, Ga-eul looks at Jandi in alarm.

Back at the F4 rec lounge (aw, I’ve missed this place), Jun Pyo paces to and fro in frustration. Yi Jung remarks flippantly that Jae Kyung is really something, it won’t be that easy to run away from her. Jun Pyo is annoyed that they’re basking in his misery, and Yi Jung continues to say that Jae Kyung is interesting and she’s pretty compatible for Jun Pyo. At this, Woobin wonders out loud just how fast the two are progressing with their relationship — didn’t she mention that bit his ear or something? Yi Jung asks, “Jun Pyo, isn’t that your weak point?” Woobin corrects Yi Jung saying that it’s not his weak point, it’s his sensitive point. (HAHAHAHA.) Jun Pyo is even more irritated and asks if they find [his misery] funny. He huffs and puffs and leaves.

After he goes, Yi Jung reverts back to seriousness, wondering what they can do. Ji Hoo pipes up for the first time from his reading suggesting that maybe it’s time for Yi Jung and Woobin to bring on their A game and do something about it. After all, aren’t they Don Juan and Casanova? Yi Jung and Woobin share a look and Yi Jung starts to smile.

Jandi and Ga-eul are dropped off by Jae Kyung, who thanks them for their day out. She declares that from now on, they’re her close friends. She gives the two of them presents for being her friends. Ga-eul says, “That unnie is … a little bit weird.” Jandi replies, “Just..a little bit.” Whether or not it’s because she just got the bag she wanted, Ga-eul says that it’s hard to actually dislike the girl.

When Jandi goes home, she arrives to some dejected lookin’ Geums. Jandi’s mom gets straight to the point — Jun Pyo’s engagement, is it true? Jandi can’t really lie about it since they read about the news off the internet, so she has no choice but to affirm. All of them are really disappointed and Jandi’s dad reiterated something that the mother said before, “All this time, we thought that no news was good news; we were waiting for him to come back. What is our Jandi going to do now?”

At this, Jandi is defiant, “What to do? What do you mean ‘what to do’?! Besides, I have no relation with him anymore.” Jandi’s mom looks at her in surprise and asks back, “What do you mean you have nothing to do with him anymore? You were supposed to be his wife, how can you not have anything to do with him?!” Jandi’s mom pretty much rants to herself and then starts to wonder who exactly this fiance person is and what she does. She tells Kang San to look her up and he’s just ready to do so when the door bell rings.

All of them look up in surprise and Kang San’s face slowly turns into one of glee and rushes to the door. He opens up (probably expecting it to be Jun Pyo), and it’s…Jae Kyung?

Jae Kyung brought over fruits and meat. She introduces herself to Jandi’s parents and tells her she’s Jandi’s unnie. Jandi’s mom repeats her name and Jandi’s dad compliments her for her pretty name. At this, Jandi slickly closes the laptop before they realize that she is Jun Pyo’s fiance. Jandi’s parents are overall very receptive to Jae Kyung, Jandi’s sad saying that if she’s Jandi’s unnie, then they’re like one big family. Jandi’s mom adds that from now on, she’s welcome to come over whenever she wants. Jae Kyung thanks them and then asks if she could stay for the night. Eh??

Jandi and Jae Kyung share a room for the night. Jae Kyung likens it to be a pajama party (…when both of you are already tucked in and there are only two of you, it’s more like sleeping…).

Jae Kyung: It’s really miraculous.
Jandi: What is?
Jae Kyung: Meeting you and Jun Pyo in Macau. It feels like fate.
Jandi: So does that mean you and Gu Jun Pyo already knew each other in Macau?
Jae Kyung: The first time I met him, I liked him…When I saw him at the reception hall, I felt a tingling sensation in my stomach. Jandi, do you know that feeling? No, do you have a person you like? A first love?
(Jandi clears her throat.)
Jae Kyung: So you do! What kind of person is he?
Jandi: He’s…a bit inarticulate.
Jae Kyung: Inarticulate?
Jandi: When I see him, I become inarticulate as well. He’s that kind of person.
Jae Kyung: Ah, gotcha. He makes you comfortable and he’s warm, right?
(Jandi smiles.)
Jae Kyung: Gu Jun Pyo is like wine.
Jandi: Wine?
Jae Kyung: Red and aromatic. Once you take a drink, you feel your blood boil. It’s that kind of tingling sensation. Ah, right, that guy doesn’t already have a girl he likes, does he? It doesn’t matter, from now on, I’ll make him like me.

The day day, Jun Pyo is waiting out by the swimming center. Jandi walks by, sees him, and continues on her way (thank GOD). Jun Pyo doesn’t take being ignored too lightly, so he follows her awkwardly. Jandi senses his presence and stops, whips around, and asks what he wants. “Do you have something to say?”

Jun Pyo: Why aren’t you swimming?
Jandi: I’m just not.
Jun Pyo: How can a swimmer give up swimming?
Jandi: Not your business. You followed me just to ask that?
Jun Pyo: I don’t take being wronged very well, so if I need to say something, I’ll say it.
Jandi: What is it?
Jun Pyo: Engagement or not, it doesn’t have anything to do with me.
Jandi: And it doesn’t have anything to do with me either. Gu Jun Pyo, you’ve become so gracious, explaining this sort of thing to dirt you want to get rid of.

Jun Pyo has nothing to say in response to his earlier words being thrown back at him. Before long, Jandi spots Jae Kyung coming their direction and tells Jun Pyo that his fiance is here. Jun Pyo asks in annoyance what the ‘monkey’ is doing here again and while Jun Pyo is distracted, Jandi leaves. Jun Pyo follows after her and Jae Kyung looks confused.

Jandi walks over to where Ji Hoo is getting ready to leave on his motorbike and asks her if she can get a ride. Ji Hoo spots Jun Pyo coming from behind and then takes a helmet and gives it to Jandi. Just then, Jae Kyung joins the three person party and reasons that Jun Pyo and Jandi look like they do know each other, and asks who the other person is. Jandi tells her that it’s Ji Hoo sunbae and Jun Pyo asks moodily why she’s introducing his friend. “Ya, monkey, this is my friend Yoon Ji Hoo.”

Jae Kyung and Ji Hoo awkwardly greet each other and Jae Kyung smiles as she says, “I got it. It’s this person, right?” Jun Pyo and Jandi both have no idea what she’s talking about so she continues, “The person Jandi likes!”

At this, Jandi looks taken aback, Ji Hoo looks at Jae Kyung with curiosity, and Jun Pyo looks like he’s gonna throw up, lol. Jandi is quick to deny that that’s not the case, and starts to explain but Jae Kyung cuts her off. “This is good, the four of us can hang out. How about it? Yes?” Jun Pyo and Jandi both refuse her at the same time and Jae Kyung is puzzled. Jandi says that she has stuff she needs to do, so she must go now, and tells her to hang out with Jun Pyo. She turns to Ji Hoo and tells them that they should leave quickly. Jun Pyo looks with displeasure as the two of them ride away, but Jae Kyung bounces back quickly and asks him cheerfully what they should do now. Jun Pyo shrugs her off and leaves, but Jae Kyung isn’t affected by his bad mood and shouts, “Let’s go together!”

Ji Hoo brings Jandi to the clinic where she’s working. Jandi tells Ji Hoo that this isn’t where she’s working as a part-timer, rather, she’s volunteering her services. She just cleans and keeps the place tidy, but this place makes her feel comfortable and she can concentrate better with her work here. Ji Hoo remarks that it’s a miracle how Jandi can be so hardworking with everything she does. As Jandi gets ready to go into the clinic, Ji Hoo stops her, “I can also clean.”

So he follows her in. Jandi goes to greet the elders and the kids waiting in the waiting area. Meanwhile, Ji Hoo surveys the place and then spots the doctor and his eyes go wide. (This is the second time that Hyunjoong widens his eyes as if to convey, “ohohOHMYGOD IT’SAFLYINGMONKEY!” rather than something plausible like, “oh my GOD it’s my grandfather who’s abandoned me!”) Doctor grandpa spots Ji Hoo as he sends his patient away and the two come face to face with each other. Ji Hoo stalls for a second before running out, with his grandfather calling after him. Jandi watches the scene with curiosity.

Back at the porridge shop, Ga-eul is in utter shock that Ji Hoo and the grandpa know each other. He’s the grandson of an ex-president, so by that logic, his grandfather is the ex-president! (Can we get a “Uh doy?!” in here?) Master explains that it’s not because the ex-prez doesn’t acknowledge his grandson, it’s because he can’t. Ga-eul presses him to continue his train of thought, but Master just smiles at Jandi and tells her to help them. Jandi is confused, as usual, but just at that moment, new customers arrive.

‘Cept they’re not really customers, they’re just Yi Jung, Woobin and Jae Kyung. Yi Jung and Woobin look completely exhausted and Jae Kyung just smiles in satisfaction.

We get to see what rendered the two completely lifeless: Jae Kyung is exiting Shinhwa grounds when a car pulls up, revealing a very smiley Yi Jung. He first takes her to his gallery and shows her a piece that Queen Elizabeth liked and gives it to her. Jae Kyung is impressed and says that this will be great as a meal bowl for her lion. Yi Jung wonders to himself, “Lion?!” before hearing something break. LOL.

In another scene, Jae Kyung is walking by herself when some men come to bother her. They offer to bring her somewhere for some tea and just when things start getting rough, Woobin appears at the scene. The gangsters, of course, tell him to move out of the way and when Woobin doesn’t, they start fighting. Woobin single handedly kicks all of their asses all the while slipping a wink in there to impress Jae Kyung. LOL I love Kim Joon. But thennnn, Jae Kyung’s own bodyguards come up and the female one scares the bejesus out of Woobin before she gets him in an armlock. Sucker.

Then Jae Kyung drag the two of them to … the noraebang! She “Nobody, nobody but you!”‘s them all and while I know that Woobin and Yi Jug were supposed to be annoyed and exhausted of her, the editing makes it look like they were secretly pleased and enjoying themselves, lol. Then, she takes them to eat and I’m sure it’s supposed to be “commoner” food because Jae Kyung offers it to Woobin and he looks at it like its a specimen from Mars and Yi Jung barfs a little bit in his mouth. Just a little. She pours each of them an ENTIRE GLASS of soju and then she downs her own. Because they have no other option, the guys also drink their glasses and before long, both of ’em are puking out on the streets, with Jae Kyung patting on their backs. (LOL I love Jae Kyung.)

Annnnd end scene. Yi Jung and Woobin are back in the F4 lounge, explaining to Ga-eul. Now they have no choice but to do something drastic, and they need Ga-eul’s help.

Back in her room, Jandi thinks about the clinic again. Grandpa doc was looking at his family picture when Jandi brings him some tea. As she goes, he says, “I killed them. I ruined my grandchild. It’s all my fault.”

When we end the flashback, Jandi gets a call from Ga-eul. Ga-eul announces to Jandi that she’s going on a date with Yi Jung. Jandi protests loudly and Ga-eul asks her why, because he’s not a bad guy. Jandi goes on to say that even though he’s not a bad guy, he’s the worst…worst what? Well, whatever the case, she just can’t go out with Ga-eul! Ga-eul reassures her that nothing’s going to happen and tells her that he’s picking her up the following morning and hangs up. Jandi rushes to make a call to Ji Hoo, but nobody picks up.

Jandi rushes over to Jun Pyo’s house and finds Woobin and asks in a rush where Jun Pyo was. Woobin tells her, she walks in to see him half-dressed, he freaks out, she freaks out, all is well in the world. Come on, Jandi, you’ve seen him half naked MULTIPLE times already. Jandi comes running out and admonishes Woobin, but he just says cheekily that she only asked where he was, not what he was doing.

Jun Pyo comes out and Jandi tells him that she needs his help, she doesn’t have money or a car, and this is an emergency. What if he brings her back to a hotel? What are they gonna do then? When Jun Pyo misunderstands what she means, Jandi just tells him that Yi Jung and Ga-eul are going on a date. Both guys smirk at what she says — Jun Pyo probably in disbelief, but Woobin says that it does make sense, seeing as Yi Jung has said that he’s recently had his eyes on a girl. How long is he going to have spend on Ga-eul — two days? No, one day is enough. Woobin goes on to say, “Geum Jandi, didn’t you know that Yi Jung’s known as the five second killer?” Jandi is confused (surprise, surprise) and Woobin demonstrates.

Witnessing this little demo, Jun Pyo widens his eyes and pulls Jandi out of Woobin’s embrace. Then, with horror, Jandi imagines how the ‘five step killing’ would go with Ga-eul and Yi Jung.

Jun Pyo: Going on a date with Ga-eul…did Yi Jung take the wrong medicine or something?
Jandi: What is that supposed to mean?
Jun Pyo: To tell you the truth, Ga-eul’s not Yi Jung’s type. If the girl doesn’t have the body of Lee Hyori or the face of Kim Tae Hee, Yi Jung won’t go for her. But Ga-eul? Even if you put the two of them in a room together for three days and four nights, nothing would happen.
Woobin: That’s not true. He did say that Ga-eul has many cute points.
Jandi: See! What are we gonna do now?!
Jun Pyo: What do you mean what are we gonna do?

Jandi drags Jun Pyo away and whispers something into his ear, but Jun Pyo protests. In the back, Woobin gestures victory, lol. (Woobin/Kim Joon is ridiculously charming in this episode, it makes me happy to see he’s getting more stuff to do now.)

The next morning, Jandi and Jun Pyo stalk Ga-eul’s premises and watches as Yi Jung picks Ga-eul up. When Yi Jung and Ga-eul are in the car, they both SO OBVIOUSLY see Jandi and Jun Pyo spying on them, and Yi Jung asks Ga-eul if she’s ready. He explains that it’s because both of them befriended the wrong people that they have to suffer like this. Ga-eul is nervous about being found out, but Yi Jung reassures her that they’ll do well; and besides, they’ve already had to act once, didn’t they? (Oh, shiet.) At that, he leans in to…fasten her seat belt, but it looked to viewers as if he were going in for a kiss. Yi Jung and Ga-eul drive away. (Jand is SO annoying in this scene.)

Yi Jung and Ga-eul go to do some shopping and every moment of their journey, Jun Pyo and Jandi tail them. Yes, of course they didn’t notice a BRIGHT RED sports car lingering around them at every point of their date.

Again, they bring us a party pooper scene when Ji Hoo visits the graves of his parents. Ji Hoo asks while look at the graves, “Grandfather, are you still following me? None of the people I like are by my side. Originally, I planned on not being dependent on anyone, but still, I think about her. What should I do?”

Back to the date. Yi Jung and Ga-eul are now skating at an ice rink. Jandi and Jun Pyo are, naturally, continuing on their stalking. I’m not even sure what happens next, but either Jandi 1) turns around to go to the rink and bumps into Jun Pyo, or 2) she turns into Jun Pyo to avoid looking at Yi Jung/Ga-eul and thus effectively looking like she’s going into Jun Pyo for a hug. Either way, this moment makes no sense, and what makes even less sense is that Jun Pyo puts his arms around her awkwardly before she pulls away.

On the skating rink, Yi Jung asks Ga-eul if she’s tired, but she’s not. Ga-eul looks cold and then — wait for it, cliche of all cliches in this drama — Yi Jung takes off his coat and puts it on her. Jandi reacts and can’t believe that Yi Jung is really pulling all his moves on Ga-eul. Jun Pyo, ever so the voice of reason, says, “What, so you’d rather he not care and let her die from the cold?” Jandi doesn’t have much to say to that bit of failsafe reasoning, so Jun Pyo continues, “Your lips look like they’re dying of the cold. Before you even save your friend, you might die first.”


Jun Pyo unbuttons his coat and hugs her from behind, covering the both of them. Jandi asks what he’s doing, but Jun Pyo just tells her to stay still. They both think back to what they did at the ski lodge when he did the same thing for her on the balcony after he had given her the necklace. (Even though I felt that this little bit was really only to please the shippers, it makes me a teensy bit sad that it looks like Jun Pyo is so starved for human touch from someone he loves that he just won’t let Jandi go.)

At the rink, Yi Jung tells Ga-eul that see, this did really work. Now it’s time for the climax of the plan. At Ga-eul’s confusion, Yi Jung snaps his fingers and out come the fireworks. Ga-eul’s astonished and although Yi Jung is probably going to use the line of thought, ‘I did it for the sake of friends,’ he sure does look happy at Ga-eul’s obvious pleasure. He asks her if she’s ready.

Both Jandi and Jun Pyo see the fireworks and ask, “How come you guys so relaxed with setting off fireworks like you do firecrackers?” Jun Pyo doesn’t have an answer, but he commends Yi Jung for being a smooth bastard. Then he asks, “Was it as pretty when I did it?” Jandi racks her brain for an answer, but doesn’t give it to Jun Pyo before pushing out of the hug and asking what Yi Jung said he was going to do next. Jun Pyo cooly buttons himself back up before saying that it’s something that doesn’t even need to be said. He looks up at something and Jandi follows his line of sight before realizing it’s a hotel.

The two follow up and take the room adjacent to the one Yi Jung and Ga-eul are occupying. Jandi presses herself against the wall to listen to anything that might seep through. Jun Pyo once again commends Yi Jung for being an expert at what he does. Jandi rushes out just in time to see a hotel service member wheeling in a cart filled with candles and food. Jandi assumes the worst and tells Jun Pyo to intercept it and prevent it from being brought into Yi Jung and Ga-eul’s room. Yi Jung watches through the peephole from his own room and declares their plan a success and they finish for the day.

So now, there is awkwardly a candle lit table of foodstuffs between Jandi and Jun Pyo, who sit together in silence. Then, Jandi congratulates him just as he thanks her.

Jandi: Even though this is a bit late, I still want to wish you a happy birthday.
Jun Pyo: Even though this is a bit late, thank you for your present.
Jandi: the present?
Jun Pyo: It was the most inferior present I’ve ever received in my life, but I’ll reluctantly accept it because you’re sincere about the gift.
Jandi smiles
Jandi: Even though this is a bit late, congratulations on your engagement.
Jun Pyo: Didn’t I say to forget about that?
Jandi: Unnie’s a good person.
Jun Pyo: Unnie…?
Jandi: She really, really likes you.
Jun Pyo: Still self-righeous, I see…So, are you in a rush to see me get married? Would you feel better about yourself that way?

At this, Jandi gets flustered and starts wondering what Ga-eul was up to. She gets up to go investigate, leaving Jun Pyo displeased at not having gotten an answer from her.

Then, we see Madam Kang and her entourage arrive at the hotel. A receptions manager greets M. Kang and then tells her that Jun Pyo is currently in one of the guest rooms. M. Kang is surprised and asks if Jun Pyo is currently in the hotel, and behind her, Secretary Jung looks worried. Sinister music plays.

Jandi is staking out in front of Yi Jung and Ga-eul’s room. She wonders why she doesn’t hear anything. Then, M. Kang and crew show up.

Kang: What are you doing here?
Jandi greets M. Kang.
Kang: This is really more than I can take. Or maybe you’re only really showing your true colors now? Kids who come from uncultured families don’t manifest themselves to much. I told him early on not to befriend the wrong people.
Jandi: Isn’t that a little too much? Our family isn’t uncultured.
Kang: A young woman who’s going to a man’s hotel room — if that’s not uncultured, what is?

At this, Jun Pyo comes out of the adjacent room. Staring contest between mother and son. M. Kang turns to Jandi, “Why, you couldn’t sit still once you heard about the engagment? You wanted to quickly offer yourself instead? I didn’t think you could be so sinister.”

M. Kang walks over to strike Jandi, but just before she does, Jun Pyo makes a grab for his mother’s hand to stop her. He doesn’t relax his grip even when his mother tries to pull away. “Please…stop.” M. Kang puts her hand down, she immediately slaps Jun Pyo instead, and then tells her guards to bring him away. They exit, leaving behind a tearful Jandi slumped to the ground.

(This scene is also incongruous to what we’ve seen so far. Jandi just TAKES IT from Madam Kang, the way she berates her family and their lack of class. I was so infuriated at Jandi for being such a freaking wimp in this scene. Just a few episodes back, she was schooling Madam Kang about how pride. Goddammit.)

As Jun Pyo and his guards exit, he takes out his phone to send a message to Ji Hoo. He hesitates before sending the text, but does so anyway. We’re not privvy at the moment to what the text said. After that, he throws his phone onto the ground in anger, breaking it.

(My speculation for this scene is that he asked Ji Hoo to come pick Jandi up. He hates himself for once again having to ask Ji Hoo to come rescue Jandi, because he so badly wants to that person and go back to console her. But at this point, he has no choice yet doesn’t want to leave Jandi alone. So on the one hand, Ji Hoo is Jun Pyo’s romantic rival, but on the other, Jun Pyo also relies on Ji Hoo the most since he’s closer to Ji Hoo than any of the other F4 members.)

Ji Hoo pulls up in front of the building on his motorbike. He takes out his cellphone.

Jandi’s retreated back to the clinic. She gets a call from Ji Hoo. He asks her where she is, but she just replies that she’s at home. After she hangs up, Jandi starts cleaning.

Ji Hoo arrives at the clinic and watches Jandi by the door. When he makes his presence known, Jandi is surprised. Ji Hoo asks her if this has now become her home, and she explains that she couldn’t sleep anyway, so she’s taking a break by being here. Jandi resumes her mopping in silence, but Ji Hoo blocks her passage. Every time he does, she starts mopping another spot before Ji Hoo takes the mop with her hand on it to stop her. Jandi takes her hand away and starts to cry before Ji Hoo grabs her into a hug.

(Hyunjoong is good in this, and this might be one of the best scenes in the series thus far, period. The use of his version of “Because I’m Stupid” works out so well, and the overall mood of it was better than all the Ji Hoo/Jandi scenes we’ve seen.)

At school the next day, Jandi’s wheeling her bike when the other Shinhwa students excitedly run towards F4 when they appear. Jandi looks at the source of the commotion and sees Jun Pyo, who looks at her, and in a moment of silence, he and F3 walk past her. (I known the noise was supposed to heartbeat-like, but seriously, it sounded like the audio track was from a scene from Lord of the Rings when Mount Doom was gurgling before it erupted.)

Jandi looks away in disappointment and then she gets a phone call from her mother. Something seems wrong, but she doesn’t find out what it is, and Ji Hoo looks back at her from a distance.

Back at home, Jandi’s mother lays ill in bed. Apparently, her dad let a friend borrow money on his name, and this just made a bad thing worse, because now, on top of the loans they have to repay (plus interest), the majority of the things they own are being repossessed. In the middle of the conversation, the music hall that employs both Jandi’s parents call, and well, at the moment, they’re not up for work. Jandi goes to the music hall for herself to plead with the higher-up, saying that she’ll work in their stead. After some persuading, he’s convinced.

Annnnnd scene.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Okay, what the hell was this?

This episode wasn’t bad by itself, but there are grievances I’ve accumulated for some of the characters that it was like a volcano finally erupted when I watched episode 16.

I wanted to punch Jandi in the face all episode long. I also came to the realization that Gu Hye Sun, not Lee Minho, is the person whose talent is really wasted on a drama like this. The girl is capable of MUCH, much more but I feel like the writers don’t give a shit about her character at all. In comparison, Gu Jun Pyo has so much more depth and development, whereas the Jandi character is starting to feel like she is only validated in this story by the way she acts in response to what Jun Pyo does. We get a scene with Jandi only when Jun Pyo makes her sad. We get a scene with Jandi and Ji Hoo because Jandi is angry at Jun Pyo. She doesn’t have anything GOING ON for her that makes Jandi her own person. Originally, she had her swimming, which was something that we can use as a separation between Jandi and Jun Pyo. But now, we won’t even get that anymore because — oh! will you look at that! — her shoulder is rendered useless because of something involving Jun Pyo. She talks to Ga-eul because Jun Pyo is on her mind. Everything she does is in reaction to something that Jun Pyo has affected in her life, whether it be directly or indirectly.

I get that this is a romantic drama where the episodes take us through the journey the couple has to experience in order to validate their relationship, but this is incredibly flawed because it’s so one-sided.

About the stalk hunt that Jandi went on with Jun Pyo — this is quite possibly the lamest set-up ever. I mean, you know things are really bad in a drama when you understand why the characters would choose to do something like this (Yi Jung and Ga-eul want to get the two back together) but don’t understand why the writers chose to do this (why would Jandi just ignore that Woobin is ALSO available and skip right to Jun Pyo if her goal was not romantic at all? Why did Jun Pyo even agree?!). Jandi was an absolute nutjob and I felt embarrassed on behalf of Gu Hye Sun. I also find Gu Hye Sun really superbly annoying when she has to go back to the crazy antics, exaggerated comedy, etc.

More things that irritated me about the episode:
Every time Jandi expects something from Jun Pyo, she gets disappointed. You’d think she’d learn to stop expecting things from him. But no. The scene right after Jandi got the most insulting verbal smackdown from Madam Kang, she’s at school holding on to her bike when she sees Jun Pyo heading her way. She looks eagerly at him like she’s waiting for him to tell her that everything is okay, but OF COURSE Jun Pyo just walks right past her pretending like he didn’t see anything.


1. Jun Pyo is concered about Jandi not swimming.
2. Jandi pretends like it’s none of his concern.
3. Jun Pyo gets upset at seeing Jandi ride off with Ji Hoo.
4. Jun Pyo gets jealous at seeing Woobin fool around with Jandi.
5. Jun Pyo makes some moves on Jandi, ie: hug her from behind to keep her warm.
6. Jandi is basically called uncultured, unvirtuous by the mother of the love of her life.
7. Jun Pyo gets taken away and asks Ji Hoo for a favor, most likely having something to do with Jandi.
8. Jandi has to physically distract herself in order to forget what just happened.
9. She cries a really tearful cry.
10. The next day, Jandi is STILL waiting for something from Jun Pyo. And Jun Pyo won’t give it, pretending once again like all the things that happened in this episode didn’t happen.

Ever since we started the second “phase” of this drama, the episodes have been unimpressive — save for a few scenes — and they’re also maddeningly illogical. Worst…combo…ever?

Please get better, episodes 17 & 18 :(

  • Emdash

    I hear you. I want to strangle the director/writers/producers a million times over. Sometimes I think they’re on crack when they come up with the scenarios and dialogue. And I’m disappointed. Because a lot of these actors have vast potential for something greater. And I’m also saddened by the fact that out of all the characters, only GJP has depth while everybody else doesn’t. Sometimes Jandi comes off as a person with an IQ of 70 :( No wonder it’s become the GJP-show rather than “Boys Before Flowers”. But having said that, I still enjoy watching the show. But I’m hoping 17 & 18 will be better. I don’t think I can handle any more angst.

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