Boys Before Flowers, episode 15

You know what type of character trait annoys me the most? PASSIVE-AGGRESSIVENESS.

Recap of episode 15

We start the episode with a continuation of Jandi and Ji Hoo exploring Macau. The first place they stop at is at a seller’s egg tart stand. Ji Hoo is about to buy them when he realizes that he forgot his wallet at home. Jandi pays, but unfortunately for her teeeeeeny tiny brain, she leaves her wallet on the counter of the food stand. They stop at a man’s art stand next, where they watch the man draw. Jandi gets curious about one of the items sold at the stand and it turns out to be some kind of fortune charm. She just about gets ready to buy one of them suckers when she realizes she’s lost her wallet. Ji Hoo thinks for a second before running off and telling Jandi to wait for him.

Ji Hoo goes outside to the market area and goes up to a street musician and asks to borrow his guitar for a little while. In return, Ji Hoo gives the man the egg tarts that he bought with Jandi earlier. Then, Ji Hoo switches roles with the man and he’s now the street musician. He sings while strumming the instrument and soon enough, he draws a hefty crowd. All proceeds go to Ji Hoo, tee. (It seems like Hyunjoong sang his own version of “Because I’m Stupid,” an acoustic version, and this may be the prettiest version yet and Hyunjoong is barely a good singer. Hmm, the conundrums of Kpop…)

Jandi and Ji Hoo walk back home when Jandi’s heel suddenly breaks off. Awkard indeed. She decides to brave it and walk barefoot when Ji Hoo offers to carry her. Awkward indeed x 2. Once she’s safe and snug on his back, they both say thank you to each other at the same time. Jandi wonders what Ji Hoo has to thank her for, and Ji Hoo replies that it’s the first time he’s ever earned money by himself; since meeting Jandi, he’s done a lot of things for the first time.

As they enter the house, a sullen Jun Pyo watches them from the car across the street. Secretary Jung tells him that they should go, and Jun Pyo says that they should stay for a little bit longer. About three hours later, Jun Pyo is still waiting outside and soon enough, the lights in the house go out, and there’s nothing to do but leave.

The next morning, Jandi wakes up annnnd goes to pee. Only, she didn’t lock the door and Ji Hoo enters when she’s doing her thang on the potty. Awkward indeed x 3. He slowly retreats and leaves Jandi to freak out by herself over embarrassment.

Jandi goes back to her room and refuses to come out, no matter how many times Ji Hoo calls her. After numerous attempts, Ji Hoo tells Jandi he’ll be out for a bit and he goes with Ming. Ming bids Ji Hoo farewell and takes his leave.

Finally, Jandi deems it safe to come out of her hiding zone and goes to the dining area where breakfast awaits her. She reads a note that Ji Hoo wrote, saying that all is forgotten, he’ll pretend like he didn’t see anything. Jandi digs into her food happily.

(This was BY FAR the most useless scene in BOF and there have been plenty of unnecessary scenes. What the hell was achieved by this scene? Gu Hye Sun acting like a nut made me want to die.)

Ji Hoo walks around the mall by himself and goes into one of the stores. Incidentally, this is the store that he and Jandi visited yesterday. He looks around and the pair of shoes that Jandi was looking at before catches his eye. Ji Hoo looks at them with a smile on his face.

Jun Pyo is at a large business meeting at Shinhwa when Secretary Jung comes in and slips him a note saying, “18:00 flight, Seoul bound.” Jun Pyo looks at it and then pretends to sign it as if it were a business document so that it doesn’t arouse the attention of Madam Kang.

Ji Hoo and Jandi are at the airport and he hands over a ticket for her. Jandi is shocked that they’re going to ride first class because she’s never done so, but it’s nothing for Ji Hoo. Besides, he can’t ride economy class, his legs are too long, he needs room.

Jun Pyo and Madam Kang are having tea with Jae Kyung’s parents. They’re there waiting for Jae Kyung to arrive, but her parents don’t know where she’s off to this time, and besides, she’s always like this. In the middle of the meet, Secretary Jung rushes in to tell Jun Pyo that there’s a “problem” with the Singapore case and his presence is needed immediately. Madam Kang is not too happy with this but Jae Kyung’s parents assure her that business comes first when … doing business. (That’s probably what they selfishly thought to themselves when they sold off their daughter! I mean, what?) Jun Pyo takes this as an opportune moment to leave, and try to catch Jandi before she’s gone.

Waiting in the sitting area, Jandi sadly looks at the necklace that Jun Pyo gave her. She puts it away quickly when Ji Hoo comes over to her. Ji Hoo, in turn, takes a box out of his backpack and presents her with the shoes that he saw at the store, and puts them on for her. He said that he really wanted to get her something with the first money he ever earned, so, ta-da.

When both shoes are prettily on Jandi’s feat, she smiles at Ji Hoo, and then she spots Jun Pyo coming towards them. Smile fades. Jun Pyo is breathing hard. Ji Hoo turns around and sees Jun Pyo for himself and gets up to go over to him.

Ji Hoo: Why did you come?
Jun Pyo: I don’t need to answer that. And, what are you doing?
Ji Hoo: Do you think you have a right to ask that?
Ji Hoo: Because I was being a friend, I stepped aside. Because it was a friend’s girl, I stopped pursuing. Up till now, I’ve given you a chance. I’m not going to be so accommodating anymore.

Jun Pyo punches Ji Hoo in the face but before he goes any further, Jandi yells for him to stop. Jandi slowly asks him, “Why did you come? Do you have something to say?” For the first time, Jun Pyo’s at a loss for words and he doesn’t seem to be holding up his cold exterior too well. He looks like he has something to say, but can’t get the words out. Jandi continues, “Fine, I got it. I’ll go.” With tears, she grabs her and Ji Hoo’s stuff and she walks away. Ji Hoo gets up, takes one last look at Jun Pyo, and follows Jandi away.

Jun Pyo can only watch as they walk away, and before long, he falls to the ground. He breaks down in frustration. At that moment, Secretary Jung hurries in, clutching the wrapped shoebox in his arms, and spots Jun Pyo on the floor. He sets down the shoebox and can only pat Jun Pyo a few times in consolation before he tells him that he has to get up. As we see Jun Pyo exiting with Secretary Jung, Jae Kyung shows up and spots the shoes on the bench, picking them up.

At the porridge shop, Jandi gives the customer the wrong porridge order, she drops and breaks dishes as she’s setting the table; she’s completely lifeless. Jandi laments to Ga-eul, saying that she really has to figure out what she’s to do with her life now. Master tells Jandi to run an errand, firmly telling her that when she delivers the food, the recipient has to eat it, and eat all of if before she can even consider coming back.

Jandi goes to the clinic where the ex-president now works as a doctor. She stands by the door staring around before the grandfather scolds her and tells her that if she’s going to be standing around, she might as well help out. With one of the first uses of “Lucky” in a while, Jandi cheerfully hands out cups of water to the patients waiting, and tends to a woman’s baby as the woman is getting a check-up from the doctor. (This baby is HILARIOUS — he cries ON CUE whenever Gu Hye Sun stops appeasing him.)

By the time there are no more patients left, the grandpa doctor comes out to see Jandi sleeping on a bench in the waiting room. He wakes her up and then Jandi realizes that she still has to give him the porridge, the only reason why she’s here in the first place. As the grandpa eats, Jandi asks him what his relationship to Master was, and if he was really a doctor. The grandpa laughs. But their conversation is cut short when a woman comes in yelling in pain about her stomach.

Next scene — we get Ji Hoo rockin’ a new haircut, putting on his expensive white shirt, slapping (literally) on some cologne, putting on a BLING diamond earring, and checking himself out in the mirror. Not really sure if this is to illustrate that Ji Hoo cares about his looks now because he has to impress a girl…?

At school, on the balcony where Jandi used to hang out, she happily stretches and drinks some milk. Ji Hoo finds her there and asks her why she’s so happy. Jandi laughs, and then we get a flashback of her helping grandpa doctor deliver a baby. And with that, Jandi tells Ji Hoo that she’s decided she wants to be a doctor. Ludicrous, right? Ji Hoo tells her that yeah, that’s pretty crazy. Jandi looks downtrodden at the response but then Ji Hoo asks, when did she ever not do something because someone said she couldn’t do it? The two share a cheers — to Jandi’s success!

To show that Jandi’s totally serious about becoming a doctor, we see her checking out some books at the bookstore, looking through the numerous volumes for one that’s right for her.

Afterward, Jandi passes by a store with a TV that was showing a bit of news on Jun Pyo and Madam Kang. Jandi once again looks dejected.

At that moment, a car pulls by and inside is Gu Jun Hee. Jun Hee spots Jandi just as she looks out the window and steps out to greet her.

The two go back to Gu McMansion to have some tea and biscuits. Jun Hee says that she heard Jandi went to Macau. Jandi replies uncomfortably that she thinks it was best for her to have some kind of closure with Jun Pyo before she could start her life. She feels that it was a good thing that she went, because she’s completely at peace now. Jun Hee expresses that she had originally wished that Jandi would stay by Jun Pyo’s side. Still, she asks, “Jun Pyo aside, you’ll still think of me as your unnie, right?” Jandi reassures her with a smile.

On her way back from the bathroom, Jandi sees that the door to Jun Pyo’s room is slightly ajar, and she goes inside. As she walks in, she looks at Jun Pyo’s things, and thinks back to the time she woke up in his house the night after she got drunk, when she stayed at his house after getting hazed in school. Jandi goes to Jun Pyo’s desk and spots his telescope and flashes back to when he gave her the star necklace. (OMG I wish they would stop flashbacking and flashbacking to this scene at that. Jun Pyo’s words are losing all meaning.)

As Jandi reminisces, she starts to cry. Jun Hee comes into the room and sees a crying Jandi and walks over to console her. She grabs Jandi into a hug and then Jandi starts sobbing.

Jun Hee: It’s okay. Don’t hold it in, just cry it all out. Vent your anger if you have to.
Jandi: Unnie, I was lying. I’m not okay. I originally want to go see Gu Jun Pyo, but that guy turned into a completely different person, I still can’t believe it.
Jun Hee: Jandi…Jandi…Thank you. I’m very happy that you told me. Listen to me. Jun Pyo is definitely going to return to your side. So don’t give up on him like this. Trust me, give him one more chance. You can do that, right?

Ga-eul is walking by herself on the street when a fierce orange car pulls up. Yi Jung, of course. Yi Jung gives Ga-eul an invitation to Jun Pyo’s birthday party, and Ga-eul asks him if she’s supposed to bring Jandi there. She wants to know why she should do that, seeing that Jun Pyo already hurt Jandi once. Yi Jung explains that if things are really over, this will provide the closure she needs.

At the porridge shop, Jandi tells Ga-eul that she doesn’t want to go to the party. Ga-eul insists — doesn’t she have stuff to say to Jun Pyo?

Flashback time: during her conversation with Jun Hee, Jandi reveals that what hurt her most was not Jun Pyo’s pretense to not know her, or that he didn’t tell her to stay, but it was because she didn’t get to say thank you or that she had feelings for him, and now she won’t ever have the chance.

Just then, Secretary Jung comes into the store. Jandi greets him and asks him what the matter was. Secretary Jung tells her that it’s Jun Pyo’s birthday, and Jandi asks hopefully if it was Jun Pyo who invited her, but Secretary Jung denies that and tells her that it was the chairwoman.

Ga-eul and Jandi show up at the reception hall where the birthday party is to be held. As usual, Ga-eul looks effortlessly elegant whereas Jandi looks like her “fancy” outfit would be more suitable for a five year old girl going to a piano recital. (WHY do the co-d’s always fail Gu Hye Sun so badly in the scenes where she needs to dress up?) F3 go up and greet her and Jandi expresses that she feels like maybe she shouldn’t have come. Woobin insists that she should at least have dinner before she goes.

The party begins and Madam Kang introduces her son, the heir of Shinhwa group onto the stage. Jun Pyo is apathetic at the reception and goes up to stage to listen to his run-of-the-mill birthday song and blow out his candles.

In one of the few nice shots of the series thus far, as Jun Pyo looks up after blowing the candles, his eyes meet with Jandi’s and they share a moment before Jun Pyo breaks eye contact to thank everybody in the audience, only to look at Jandi one more time before getting off stage. At this, Jandi tears and says again that she shouldn’t have come and gets ready to go. Just as she does, Madam Kang approaches her and greets her, thanks her for coming to celebrate Jun Pyo’s birthday, and that she should do a little something in his honor. Maaaybe play the piano and give a little performance?

Everyone at Jandi’s table silently freaks out. Ga-eul lets out a breath and says that this has to be a joke; Woobin asks Yi Jung quietly if Jandi can play the piano at all; Yi Jung realizes that this must’ve been the reason why Jandi was personally invited by Madam Kang. Ji Hoo gets up quickly and says that Jandi has to–

And before he finishes his sentence, Jandi gets up abruptly and says that she’ll do it. Madam Kang forces a smile, revealing that she must not have thought that Jandi was up for the task.

Jandi slowly walks up to the stage where the piano is, and Madam Kang introduces Jandi’s performance to the audience. Jun Pyo looks in surprise and probably realizes with dread what Madam Kang wants to do. (These little moments are really telling of Lee Minho’s acting; you can see that Gu Jun Pyo is working things out in his head and Lee Minho’s facial expressions and muscle movement are revealing.)

Jandi begins. She sings as she plays the piano, and the song is basically a sad love song, expressing how much the speaker needs the person she loves, and that she doesn’t want anything but his love. The lyrics make the song seem sappingly bad, but the way Gu Hye Sun makes pauses in the song, and the way she sings it so remorsefully totally got me for a sec.

After the performance, Madam Kang is outwardly mortified and probably inwardly livid. She explains to the audience that it seems like her request for Jandi’s performance may have ruined the atmosphere a bit, and she apologizes on her behalf. Furthermore, “A person should really know her own limits. There are times when a person should be forward, and there are times when she shouldn’t be.”

This, by the way, is not the main point of the show. Now we get to the big news of the night. Madam Kang announces that there is a young woman present who is going to be Jun Pyo’s fiance, and it’s none other than JK Group’s Ha Jae Kyung.

Jae Kyung is dragged in by her bodyguards, while protesting loudly that she had no idea about this and she absolutely does not consent. Jun Pyo realizes in shock that it’s the girl from the shoe store, and Jae Kyung realizes in shock that it’s that crazy bastard.

F3, Jandi and Ga-eul are outside of the reception hall, each taking turns expressing their disbelief. Woobin notes that they should’ve known back in Macau when Jun Pyo was acting weird. Madam Kang then shows up and boasts to Jandi, “Now you understand, right? If you don’t have what it takes to be the next chairwoman of Shinhwa Group, then shouldn’t have even thought about it.”

At this, Jun Pyo walks into the conversation, demanding why the sudden engagement announcement. Then, he goes to Jandi and asks her why she’s here. Jandi says defiantly, “You think I wanted to come?”, to which Madam Kang evilly replies that it was she who invited Jandi. It’s his engagement announcement, of course his friends should be here to celebrate with him. Jun Pyo turns back to Jandi, “Are you crazy? Somebody tells you to come and you come just like that?”

Woobin steps in to mediate, telling Jun Pyo that the two of them should go elsewhere to talk about this. Jandi says with tears in her eyes, “I have nothing left to say to him.” Madam Kang is super pleased and reiterates again, “Ah, at least you now know your own limits. What else do you have to say to a man who’s already engaged?”

At this, Jae Kyung comes out, demanding what kind of “surprise show” this was, not believing it because this is the first time she’s heard of such a thing. Madam Kang reassures her that she’s already discussed this with her parents. Jae Kyung bursts out in protest but Jun Pyo stops her, telling her to shut it, and then tells Jandi that he has something to say to her.

As Jun Pyo drags on, he lectures her, saying that she should know better by now not to fall for the witch’s trap. She’s a year older but she still doesn’t know any better. A voice behind him tells him to hold up, to slow down. Turns out it’s…not Jandi, but Jae Kyung.

Back at the reception hall, Jandi thinks about how easily Jun Pyo just grabbed Jae Kyung’s hand like that, indicating something that she maybe doesn’t want to think too much about. Madam Kang is EVER so pleased, shoving the “Toldya I would win” smile to Jandi’s face. “I’m so glad I didn’t invite you all for nothing,” and with that, M. Kang takes her leave. (Bitch!) Ga-eul can’t believe this happened and asks if the engagement was for real. At this, Yi Jung suggests that he’ll take Ga-eul back home, and Ji Hoo should take Jandi. Woobin says that they all meet at their old place, and before then, he’ll go find out the truth about the situation. (Poor Woobin, everyone else gets a girl of their own and all he gets to do is “find out the truth about the situation.”)

Back outside, Jun Pyo and Jae Kyung bicker about whose fault it was that they’re both in a situation they don’t want to be in. Jae Kyung insists that she was dragged out, she had no choice. Jun Pyo tells her in response that she shouldn’t have let herself be dragged out (HA). Jae Kyung demands that Jun Pyo apologize, and when he refuses to, she jumps him. Aw. After a while, she’s dropped to the ground, and she demands for taxi money from Jun Pyo because she has no bag on her. Jun Pyo doesn’t have anything either and before long, Jae Kyung’s body guards come out and the girl one totally locks Jun Pyo into place.

On the way home with Jandi, Ji Hoo mentions that the things he said to Jun Pyo at the airport were — and Jandi finishes his thought for him — “only because you were mad at him.” We can tell this is obviously not the case, but Ji Hoo doesn’t say anything to correct her. Jandi also thinks that this engagement thing might not be as much as a surprise as it seems to everyone, because she thinks that Jun Pyo already knew Jae Kyung. After all, Jandi did see Jae Kyung in Macau.

Jandi left something in the car before she went back into her house, it looks like it’s a birthday gift for Jun Pyo. Ji Hoo takes it back home and decides to call Jun Pyo when he realizes that Jun Pyo was waiting outside his door at that moment.

Annnnnnd scene.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

I don’t have a lot to say about this episode, but I do have to say again that passive-aggressiveness annoys me. If you’re going to say the most hurtful things to the girl you love just so you could put on a facade, don’t go around stalking her when she’s obviously trying to do stuff just to distract herself, and then get sad when she’s having fun with someone else. Don’t get upset when someone else gives her shoes that she wants. Who are you to give shoes to her at this point anyway? You basically just spat in her face the day before; it’s not like she’s even expecting a single hair from you at this point. I mean, I understood during the airport/shoe scene just how much Jun Pyo loves Jandi, but it just didn’t make sense in context why he even showed up to give her a present. /rant

  • RSzeto

    Amen my dear… you are so right… abt Jun Pyo totally contradicting himself with Jan-di. Hurt the poor girl then lurk around to watch her with Ji-Hoo then get angry. Mind you I feel for Jun Pyo and his responsible for 70,000 Shinwa employees etc and at the mercy of his evil mom BUT the PD and the writers did a lot of loopholes in this epi… which is a pity … we can’t clock in a good epi here! thanks for the recap

  • ayoepan

    Nice thought ^^
    I love reading your post…
    Yes…too many contradiction in BoF…which makes me wondered…

    Also I found this very funny :P

    First, JH bought JD from the money he earned from playing guitar…and he bought JD shoes, which the price is more than 2000 dollar ?? get real… haha. So basically he still use his parents money to buy JD pair of shoes. Maybe he only got 10 dollar from playing guitars :P

    Second, why the hell JD still using broken heel shoes?? While JH change her shoes, u can see the heels is not fixed yet. And she didnt fall by it…amazing….haha.

    Third, JD’s clothes! OMG… please she’s poor high school student, but somehow the staff made her like rich girl…

  • Polyethylene :

    diamon earrings would be the best thing that you could give a girl, they love it~~’