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TBJ “Love Actually”

These are suh-weeeeet. Couples style done right.

Late Spring

Late Spring is a movie made in 1949 by Ozu Yasujiro, depicting the relationship between a widowed father and her daughter. From the Criterion Collection overview,

Late Spring focuses on the dilemma faced by a young woman who lives with her widowed father. She refuses several marriage offers, preferring to keep her father company rather than assume the duties of a housewife and mother. Determined that she will wed, he lets her think that he plans to remarry.

I vowed to dislike this movie, but after watching and rewatching a thousand scenes for an assignment, I’ve learned to love the film’s aesthetics. I just want to pet Ozu and his adorable OCD-tendencies, as illustrated by the freakishly symmetrical shots in so many of the movie’s scenes.

Good music is important

This is a scene from “The Moonlight of Seoul,” (aka “Beastie Boys”) starring Yoon Kye Sang and Ha Jeong Woo. I hate this movie too much to go into a review, but I also loved this one minute enough to cut the scene out myself and up it to share, heh.

Nothing happens in the scene, but the music that’s used is mesmerizing. I have no idea what kind of genre the piece even is — ambiance? — but I feel submerged in calm. It goes perfectly with the idea of driving at night in a well-lit city.

Boys Before Flowers, episode 16

This episode got me SO annoyed. Tuesday episodes aren’t supposed to be like this!

I wish they would stop putting Jandi in these mindlessly unrealistic situations where she acts like an absolute LOON with no brain cells at all whatsoever. Biggest rant I’ve ever done for any episode of anything ever. I haven’t been so ticked off by an episode of Kdrama since watching Kim Sam Soon.

The episode wasn’t bad per se, but like my reaction to episode 6, a bunch of little inconsistencies added up to a lot of annoyances. And, sorry for the delay — when you don’t like an episode, its recap takes about a thousand and sixty five years to put together. It’s hard out here for a pimp recapper. (Whut up, 6500 word recap.)

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Boys Before Flowers, episode 15

You know what type of character trait annoys me the most? PASSIVE-AGGRESSIVENESS.

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