Boys Before Flowers, episode 6

I couldn’t really decide what was cuter — Jandi enjoying herself or the chalk doodle.

But, I’ve never been so stressed out after watching an episode of a drama, and it’s not even the good kind of stress where you are happily anticipating how the story continues, yada yada yada. This is the stressed out where you’re irritated at the scene executions and experienced lingering moments of confusion and uncertainty — was I supposed to laugh or cry? Be sympathetic or apathetic?

Though, I must say that the story is starting to deviate from the J-version, which I appreciate. And while I know that Hyunjoong’s acting has become a bit of a running joke among the viewers, but he did step it up in this episode.

Recap of episode 6

We start off with a continuation of Jun Pyo’s strip tease. Seriously, we get the whole loosen-belt-unbutton-pants-pull-them-down routine. Jandi is obviously getting flustered but he won’t stop the stripping. As a little revenge, she tells him that there’s a snake by his foot. A what? A SNAKE UNDER YOUR FOOT! Wheeee, and then we get the this, which is only the most brilliant picture ever.

A little later, while the crew are enjoying their sandy time, Ga-eul realizes that Jandi’s been swimming for a little bit too long and calls her in. Only, her calls garner no response and she starts to panic. When Jun Pyo asks her what the matter is, Ga-eul can only think that Jandi must have started cramping while swimming. Jun Pyo starts to step foot in the water, but something holds him back. We get a flashback of bright lights, shiny water.

In the meantime, while Jun Pyo stays frozen, it’s Ji Hoo to the rescue. He runs out — BAYWATCH STYLE, I laughed out LOUD — and grabs Jandi from the water. Once we safely get Jandi out of the water (seriously all of Woobin, Yi Jung, and two New Caledonia girls to help one tiny unconscious one), we see that Jun Pyo has walked off. He seems dejected.

After, we learn that Jun Pyo pretty much has a phobia of swimming. As a kid, he was kidnapped once, and the kidnapper turned out to be an older boy who took care of him at the time. When the police was chasing them down, he drove into the water and Jun Pyo was in the car.

The shocking revelation aside, we immediately cut to a scene where Jun Pyo is . . . happily preparing dinner? Yes, he prepared dinner for “everybody,” but as Yi Jung so astutely points out (or well, it’s obvious anyway), Jun Pyo’s probably preparing dinner for a certain “someone.” Jun Pyo grabs Jandi and tells her to eat everything at the table since the food is healthy and good for the body. And what kind of swimmer is she anyway, to almost lose her life in the water?

Yi Jung, in the meantime, acts like a smug bastard and manages to learn that Jandi likes someone else, who is not Gu Jun Pyo. Who? Not sure because Woobin pulls him away before he could learn anything else.

After dinner, Jun Pyo worms his way into Jandi’s room to give her something — an anklet. It’s a cheap present, but as Jun Pyo smugly guessed, cheap things look good on Jandi. However, cheap as cheap may be, she’s a goner if she loses it.

Jandi goes next door to see if Ga-eul’s asleep, but nobody answers the door, so Jandi goes for a walk. She comes across Ji Hoo and he laments to her about being a useless fellow, who couldn’t even keep the woman he loved. He gives a love plant to Jandi, who won’t accept it because it’s meant for Seo Hyun. She prepares to leave but Ji Hoo holds her back and embraces her. It’s cold, he says, it’s so cold he can’t stand it. *shudders from the cheese*

When Jandi runs back to her room, Jun Pyo’s waiting. Where did she go? She should’ve at least told him so he didn’t worry. How could he have known she didn’t drown or get bitten by a snake? In the future, don’t swim or take walks alone anymore.

The next morning, Jun Pyo spots something on Ji Hoo’s wrist, something that looks akin to the anklet he gave Jandi, but shakes off his suspicions. Jandi realizes in her room that she’s lost it, so later when Jun Pyo asks her where the anklet is, she lies and says she left it in her room on purpose.

And so the boys engage in a game of volleyball and the Korean girls sit aside and act as cheerleaders while the New Caledonia girls play with the boys. Jun Pyo is on his A-game and gets nearly ever pass and serve. Halfway through the game during a water break, Ji Hoo gives Jandi’s anklet back to Jun Pyo, telling Jun Pyo to give it back to her because she must have left it last night.

Now Jun Pyo is not on his A-game. He’s distracted and barely into it. He misses all the shots and then gets hit by the volleyball. He staggers off the beach in a daze.

The next scene is absurd. Jun Pyo returns to where the crew are dining, doesn’t really want to see Jandi, and then asks where Ji Hoo is. Ji Hoo is off rafting and Jun Pyo goes after him in a rage, to the very heart of the lake . . despite not being able to rescue Jandi earlier because he couldn’t swim. Ji Hoo sees that he’s angry and doesn’t bait him, he just rafts back. Jun Pyo is super pissed off at this point, loses his paddle, and uses his hands to flap around. (Wasn’t this supposed to be a serious moment? Why did I laugh like a loon instead? But, you do feel Jun Pyo’s jealousy radiating off him in waves.)

In the next two scenes, we see Jandi go on excursions with both Ji Hoo and Jun Pyo. With Ji Hoo, she goes fishing. With Jun Pyo, he takes her in a helicopter over to a field where there’s a heart shape ingrained in the land. He says to her, “Once I’ve decided that there’s a girl I love, I would definitely bring her to see this spot. You see it? My heart?” Jandi doesn’t answer.

At night, everybody comes across a magazine in which paparazzi-style photos of Seo Hyun and a French boy are seen happily together. Woobin and Yi Jung gather that Ji Hoo must’ve already known about this, and that’s why he’s been so different ever since coming back. Jandi tells Ga-eul off to the side that she feels terrible, what she had wished for came true.

She goes back to her room to mope when Jun Pyo comes in. He wants to know if she accepts his heart and leans in for a kiss, but Jandi shrinks back. That’s okay, but Jun Pyo tells her not to make him wait for too long and takes his leave.

Jandi, still feeling terrible, goes to look for Ji Hoo. She apologizes to him for having said what she said back then, for fantasizing that somebody like Seo Hyun would get married to a foreign prince, or someone who would become president. Jandi pleads to Ji Hoo that he must be happy, because if he isn’t happy, then she can’t be happy either. Ji Hoo finally goes for the kill and asks, “Why didn’t I start to develop feelings for a girl like you?” before giving Jandi a kiss.

Which Jun Pyo sees.

He confronts the two and he’s had enough. He socks Ji Hoo in the face and tells Jandi angrily that he’s been patient. He didn’t want to misunderstand her again, so tried really hard to believe her. Jun Pyo sadly tells her that he tried to show her his sincerity, and this is her response? From now on, she shouldn’t acknowledge him anymore.

The next morning, everybody gets news that Jun Pyo’s already left. Nobody but Jun Pyo, Jandi, and Ji Hoo know why, and Jandi won’t be the first to admit the reason.

At school, Jun Pyo has an announcement to make. Starting from now on, Yoon Ji Hoo is no longer part of F4. In addition to that, Yoon Ji Hoo and Geum Jandi are to take their leave from Shinhwa High.

The news doesn’t particularly perturb Ji Hoo or Jandi because they’re both worried about opposite things — Ji Hoo doesn’t think Jandi should have to take a leave from Shinhwa High, and Jandi doesn’t think that Ji Hoo has to be kicked out of F4. The two bond in a friendly sort of way.

Yi Jung goes to confront Ji Hoo. And boy he’s pissed. He tells Ji Hoo that Jun Pyo likes Jandi — which Ji Hoo knows — and you should never go after a buddy’s girl. Yi Jung tells Ji Hoo like it is, there’s going to be nobody to help him this time.

Back at the F4 lounge, Woobin tries to placate Jun Pyo, saying that Ji Hoo is not himself right now, that he’s just disturbed by the news of Seo Hyun. Jun Pyo won’t have any of it because then that means he must be playing Jandi: he doesn’t really like her, he’s just using her. That is something he absolutely cannot tolerate. He warns Woobin that if he says one more word to try to side with Ji Hoo, his ass is out of F4 as well.

Annnnd scene.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

This episode was a whackjob. There were so many tiny little things that didn’t make sense and while it didn’t bother me in context, a whole lot of these nonsense scenes add up. The editing is really sloppy, the music is unfitting, and there are scenes that don’t really serve a purpose. For example, what was the point of Jun Pyo rafting out to Ji Hoo? Obviously, we know he’s pissed and when Angry Dudes are Pissed, they get really competitive with other dudes, but the scene wasn’t effective. Ji Hoo didn’t take his bait, and Jun Pyo lost his paddles, which led me to some crazy insane laughter. It might’ve been better if there were fist-fighting instead.

The acting, though, is really solid. Relative to everyone else, Jandi didn’t do most of the work in this episode, so Gu Hye Sun is at where she’s at. Lee Minho is great, that goes without saying. Kim Bum is finally given some slightly more challenging work, like when he confronts Ji Hoo, and he delivers. Kim Joon, is fairly stable, but we can see from the dual Ki Bum-consolation-scene/Kim Joon-confrontation-scene that he obviously does not have the skill Kim Bum has, but he’s doing a fairly good job. Even Hyujoong was not bad in this episode. There were some really awkward moments with the hugging, but that’s not his fault, that’s the bad scriptwriting’s fault. It feels like he’s finally more sure of his character and Ji Hoo finally feels like he’s been lifted out of a foggy state.

  • Emdash

    This is the part of the story where the original HYD storyline doesn’t work as well in the Korean version. And as such it comes off as a bit “awkward”. Why? Because of JP’s characterisation (and probably KHJ’s acting skills lol). Before, I read how some people weren’t happy that JP had turned into this “nice guy”. I didn’t understand why this was an issue at the time, but now I do.

    In the other versions, JP/Tsukasa was a lot more violent and ruthless. Here, they have’t spent enough time showing us JP’s true nature. Most of the time we see him trying to gain the affections of JD in a nice cute way. As a result fangirls now have the mentality that JP is the poor guy who was betrayed and JD and JH are the nasty ones who should rot in hell. Which shouldn’t be the case. Because starting from this point JP should start to be on a learning curve that will make him grow into a better person. Unfortunately, at this point I don’t see how this is going to be shown clearly enough in the K-version. I feel that it’s all going to be one-sided from JD now, which I’m unhappy about. Because in any result JD’s going to be painted as the scarlet lady. But I’ll give the production the benefit of the doubt and see how it plays out.