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Scan of the day

I found this picture the other day and looking at the stuff that used to be on my closet wall really makes me miss black and white movies. I went through a black and white movie phase sometime in senior year of high school. I “dropped” the interest as I got into kpop but my Japanese cinema class this semester is on the black and white cinema era of Japanese film, so it got me nostalgic for b&w American films.

It’s a cliche to say that black and white films were “magical,” but when you watch them, it really does make you feel nostalgic, even though you’ve never lived through the period. Somehow, films from the era have a very straight-forward way of telling stories. They feel honest. They make you want to grab on to something, even if you don’t know what that something is. And that’s a good feeling.

“Let There Be Light”

V #57 Spring Preview 2009. I’m in love.

Img cred: fakingfashion

Boys Before Flowers, episode 8

I gotta say, I think I’m starting to feel “Boys Over Flowers” fatigue. We’re only a third of the way in, but between doing these recaps (which really do suck the joy out of merely watching episodes if you have to watch and re-watch in order to transcribe accurately) and writing some piece of “Boys Over Flowers”-related news every other day over at Seoulbeats, I’m feeling a teensy bit stretched out.

It doesn’t really help that episode 8 was a bit uneventful. It wasn’t bad, per se, but because they needed to close up this particular part of the story arch, there wasn’t much suspense and the episode kind of limped along — which was why I found the lack of a preview for episodes 9 and 10 to be appropriate because . . . well, what a mundane way to finish a mundane episode.

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Words to live by

“If the relative freedom in intellectual work that the Chinese living in the liberal West enjoy is a privilege, Chinese intellectuals must use this privilege as truthfully and as tactically as they can — not merely to speak as exotic minors, but to fight the crippling effects of Western imperialism and Chinese paternalism at once.”

Against the Lures of Diaspora by Rey Chow

Man, if she ever taught at my university . . .

Boys Before Flowers, episode 7

There are still odds-n-ends about the episode that aren’t perfect, but overall, this was a much better one than episode 6. The acting from the one character who really needed to step it up this episode — Hyunjoong and Ji Hoo — did step it up and made the continuation of the plot all the more interesting and engaging. There were no glaring flaws in the storytelling this go-around and I look forward to the next episode.

Bonus — a rant about a character whose flaws I usually overlook, but did not this time: Yi Jung.

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