Thumbs up celeb style

First up is Lee Dong Gun. Lee Dong Gun has height to his advantage and I just think he looks SO COOL in that outfit. It’s kind of a I-can-wear-anything-I-want-and-still-look-good type of outfit. It’s so simple, which is the point. Nicely tailored pants is an instant plus for anybody, but specially on someone as tall as Lee Dong Gun… hmm. :P

Again, height helps with this outfit. I don’t like how matchy-matchy the vest and pants combo is, but I think the green shirt is a great touch. Brown shoes! You know my love for brown. And as you can see, the vest is one of those current fashion trends that can never, ever go wrong (unlike the pants-as-leggings trend).

The highlight of this photo isn’t Hyun Bin because I think his outfit is crappity crap. It’s odd and awkward. But look at Song Hye Kyo! The different proportions used in the outfit is really nice, and the shape & design of the skirt really makes this outfit. It could’ve easily been too simple, but the skirt added the right touch.

  • Melissa

    Absolutely adoring Lee Dong Gun’s outfit right now. In my graphic design class we were discussing minimalism and how it almost always gives off an upper class vibe, not only in advertising and packaging but in wardrobe. That is totally the impression I’m getting with LDG’s crisp outfit (although in this case, it’s true). 8DDD I would totally ruin that outfit if I stood next to it. Talk about upper class vs. homeless. -has Johnny Depp tendencies-

    BTW I just lmao’d at that man to his right with the roll-up pants. Someone has been keeping track of Yoochun’s fail trends!

  • jlim

    Apparently Lee Dong Gun is a lot bigger IRL. Katherine’s cousin-in-law saw him once and she said she was surprised that his shoulders were so wide. And he looks better on TV aha.