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Promo for “Iljimae”

I don’t care about Iljimae or anything related to it, but I just saw the promo poster from over at Dramabeans, and I was so annoyed by the shot that I had to post. (Ah, the habits of an avid blogger.) As someone who is really OCD about typography on a piece, the font and font sized used for the “一枝梅” text bothers the crap out of me, so much so that I want to redo it myself. I don’t think it would take too much to fix it. If I were the graphic artist in charged, I’d change the font to one that looks more hand-written, reduce the size of the text dramatically, and place it closer towards Jung Il Woo on the poster.

Also, I wouldn’t leave the actor so far off the right of the frame, I’d bring him more towards the center as well. The way that the text is placed on the poster really makes you focus on a whole bigass block of text that you may or may not know the meaning of (it says “yi zhi mei,” which is the hanja for “Iljimae”). Yes, it’s important to know that this is going to be called “Iljimae” about the character, but for a large audience that may not be East Asian or know how to read Chinese characters, it’s a basic thing to know that the guy on the right playing the character is most important. Therefore, the text shouldn’t be stressed as much as it should be now.

Photo of the day

This was taken by a fellow classmate during a journalism panel at our school yesterday. The panel consisted of (from left to right): Abderrahim Foukara of Al-Jazeera, Patrick Healy of the New York Times, Katty Kay of BBC News, Howard Goldberg of the Associated Press, and Jay Rosen of NYU. They talked about their experience of covering the campaign so far and it’s really amazing what they had to say. Some things I got away from it is that 01) journalists have freakishly amazing memories of when things happened, down to the month and year (but I guess that’s to be expected) 02) Jay Rosen loves to hear himself talk and 03) my anxiety about the election is totally reaching a breaking point. Nice.

Some more music reviews

haihm – haihm

I was kind of anticipating this album because she worked with Dong Bang Shin Ki on a song from their third album called “The Story Has Just Begun” (listen here) and it’s my favorite off that album so I wanted to see what she had up her sleeves. The songs on the album are all very pretty and I think they fall in the range of house, dance, and indie genres. It’s reminiscent of FreeTEMPO’s songs, but I didn’t think anything was particularly stand out. I think I, in general, am not very impressed with a lot of K-indie/experimental pieces. I think it’s a combo of really boring beats with WAY too mellow vocals. Good examples would be Humming Urban Stereo and Oldfish.

Big Bang – Number 1

Big Bang comes out with some insanely catchy hits but I never really LOVE anything from them. This album on the whole is very “whatever” for me, but anytime they release songs that have a sweet tempo that invokes some kind of nostalgia in me, I’m all over the song. I think at heart, I still like music that reminds me of something I love but can’t exactly pinpoint, which is the reason why I like music from Ibadi, Wang Lee Hom, some of DBSK’s ballads, and Utada Hikaru’s pieces. The song that really did that for me off Big Bang’s Number 1 is “Everything.” I love this song and how sincere (also: semi-horny) the lyrics are. I block the rap out of my mind but I love this non-rap line: “Cuz every little thing you do turns me on, and every time you speak, you touch my soul.” (I also just love Tae Yang’s voice.) The way the song starts off is a plus point for me. It’s eccentric and oddly upbeat/hopeful, which is something I don’t ever remember with Big Bang’s other songs. Finally, I have a song I really love and connect with in Big Bang. Whoopee!


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FreeTEMPO – Imagery

I’ve heard FreeTEMPO’s “Sound” album and I LOVE that album and hoped that it would translate to “Imagery,” but unfortunately, it didn’t. There’s something slightly chaotic about the dance genre that unsettles me. It’s not full of screams and shriek or anything like that, but a lot of songs have this discord and this funky experimental feel about them that I can’t connect to. I’m sure a lot of people love this style, but it’s just not for me.

JJ Lin – Sixology

Saving the best for last! I LOVE this album. I didn’t go into it with any expectations, but man, what a good album. I forget that JJ Lin is maybe like the only other CPop artist other than Wang Lee Hom who actually puts out substantial music. My favorite song is definitely, definitely “不潮不用花錢” which some people have translated to “High Fashion,” but I dunno why. It literally means “Without trends, no need to spend money.” So an explanation of it would be, if you’re not trendy or you don’t keep up with trends, then you don’t need to spend money. The song is more like a message from JJ. I dug around blogs to find what the lyrics were and found that this is what JJ said about the song,


This translates to,

“Everybody has their own interpretation of what ‘trendy’ is, but they don’t need to mindlessly follow it, doing what everyone else does. Trend doesn’t necessarily mean the most up-to-date clothing, but rather a person’s accomplishments. Other than everything a person puts out [to show others], it is the combination of that with the attitude one has towards life.”

OMG. I love him.


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Thumbs up celeb style

First up is Lee Dong Gun. Lee Dong Gun has height to his advantage and I just think he looks SO COOL in that outfit. It’s kind of a I-can-wear-anything-I-want-and-still-look-good type of outfit. It’s so simple, which is the point. Nicely tailored pants is an instant plus for anybody, but specially on someone as tall as Lee Dong Gun… hmm. :P

Again, height helps with this outfit. I don’t like how matchy-matchy the vest and pants combo is, but I think the green shirt is a great touch. Brown shoes! You know my love for brown. And as you can see, the vest is one of those current fashion trends that can never, ever go wrong (unlike the pants-as-leggings trend).

The highlight of this photo isn’t Hyun Bin because I think his outfit is crappity crap. It’s odd and awkward. But look at Song Hye Kyo! The different proportions used in the outfit is really nice, and the shape & design of the skirt really makes this outfit. It could’ve easily been too simple, but the skirt added the right touch.

Chilly in the city

Yesterday was a lovely day. Cold, but not too cold (well, not until the night anyway) and the skies were clear. Had to go to the library to grab a book and then met up to film Seoulbeats schtuffs.

Songs I’m glad I know the lyrics to, despite feeling like dying when they subconsciously entered my brain:
– Nsync’s “Bye Bye Bye”
– SHINee’s “누난 너무 예뻐 (Replay)”
– Wonder Girls’ “So Hot”
– Avril Lavigne’s “Girlfriend”

Ah yeah, one guess as to where I was last night.

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