Adventures in cooking more than instant ramen

I attempted to make a crabmeat-filled omelette today and loosely followed these instructions from frank tastes. They turned out fine but I think I might just be sick of egg because I’ve been having so much of it lately that these tasted really plain to me. I had the omelettes with some flat noodles, flavored with sesame oil, scallion, and pickled radish. I’ve also come to the conclusion that I can’t seem to enjoy kimchi or pickled radish no matter how much I try. I normally like spicy, sour foods but it might be something about the slightly bitter aftertaste from both side dishes that I haven’t been able to learn to enjoy. I do like drinking the stew in kimchi jigae, I just don’t like the kimchi.

And I found this site on my search to look up what “葱” is in English (it’s scallion). Those people are almost as silly as ELF who think that they can control SM Entertainment by buying 0.025% of SM’s stock.