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2 more reasons to love menswear

The Satorialist

I can’t even see the top half of this outfit, but it doesn’t matter, doesn’t the bottom half kick ass? The shiny, copper tone oxfords are insane, the dark maroon paisley print shorts go SO well with the shoes, and that leg tat is just icing on the freaking cake. From what I can see, the person is also wearing a dark blue blazer, instantaneously winning my love, and he has the balls to go with a golden yellow canvas bag. It goes without saying that the colors in his outfit are amazing (as if you haven’t noticed my drool).


Shin Sung Rok at his drama’s press conference

I loved Shin Sung Rok’s character in Lovers of 6 Years and I have a soft spot for his outfit here for the drama press conference. He kind of looks like a paleontology professor but it’s so adorable. I could’ve done without the bowtie, but I like the red contrast to the yellow-orange-brown palette. He’s actually wearing a lot of brown in this outfit — the watch strap, the vest trimming, the shoes, the belt — but I’m loving brown lately so I totally dig. He also is tall enough to wear an outfit like this, so it’s not boring so much as it’s refreshingly crisp to look at.

Spris FW08

I am immensely in love with these particular photos from the Spris’ Fall/Winter 08 collection. I don’t usually like Lee Junki, but I think he looks good in this campaign and I think Victoria Song is hella great as usual. The point of modeling in fashion campaigning is to show an audience that “this is how awesome/great/sexy/funny/impressive you’re going to be when you’re in our clothes” so I like models who look fun when they’re modeling clothes. Because if they don’t look like they’re having a good time in the clothes they’re trying to sell, why would I be convinced I’d have fun in the same clothes?

Adventures in cooking more than instant ramen

I attempted to make a crabmeat-filled omelette today and loosely followed these instructions from frank tastes. They turned out fine but I think I might just be sick of egg because I’ve been having so much of it lately that these tasted really plain to me. I had the omelettes with some flat noodles, flavored with sesame oil, scallion, and pickled radish. I’ve also come to the conclusion that I can’t seem to enjoy kimchi or pickled radish no matter how much I try. I normally like spicy, sour foods but it might be something about the slightly bitter aftertaste from both side dishes that I haven’t been able to learn to enjoy. I do like drinking the stew in kimchi jigae, I just don’t like the kimchi.

And I found this site on my search to look up what “葱” is in English (it’s scallion). Those people are almost as silly as ELF who think that they can control SM Entertainment by buying 0.025% of SM’s stock.

Why G-Dragon’s fashion sense annoys me

I’ve been writing a lot of Big Bang news lately and the more I write, the less I enjoy G-Dragon’s sense of style. I have no problem with the rest of Big Bang in terms of their style but G-Dragon is bordering pretentious asshole territory. I used to like G-Dragon’s outfits because deep down inside, I enjoy looking at men’s streetwear more than I like looking at women’s fashion, but then with Big Bang’s latest comeback and series of promotions, GD made me want to stick a fork in my eye.

Exhibit 1: The “shocking” hair

Part of the marketing used for the “Stand Up” promotions was that G-Dragon was going to reveal some “shocking” hair, which turned out to be half a mohawk. The shocking hair is actually not that shocking because it immediately reminded me of what SM did to Sungmin’s (Super Junior) hair when Super Junior was going to release their second album. View here:

And this, is where the YG/SM fans are at odds with each other. Super Junior is of “idol” status because idols are what SM Ent. is famous for, and people don’t think mohawks belong on the heads of idols, so Sungmin (and the rest of Super Junior) was immediately the freak with blonde hair. G-Dragon does not come from the idol entertainment company and was the fashionista who took risks. Double…standards? Also something I always enjoy: when G-Dragon wears something truly hideous and gets flak from the media, fans say that it’s the stylist’s fault. When G-Dragon wears something great, G-Dragon is a fashionista.


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Food porn

I’ve been reading a lot of food blogs and I really have a newfound admiration for people who are good at cooking, know food, and are willing to try a lot of different foods.

frank tastes



Eating Out Loud

Pinch My Salt

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